DFW Buddhist Vihara (Texas Buddhist Meditation Center) was inaugurated October 5th 2008 as a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of directing people in the path of Dhamma. Since inception the temple has been providing an invaluable service to the Sri Lankan Buddhist community of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. TBMC is an integral part of annual Buddhist festivals such as Vesak, Poson and Katina. Large number of Buddhists congregate at the temple during these festivals times. Amongst the most noteworthy activities of last year included the chanting of Pirith with the decorated Pirith Mandapaya for 8 hours at the Katina ceremony.

Ven Thawalama Punnaji Thero, Ven Medamahanuwara Samithasiri Thero and Ven Kotawela Nandaseela Thero are always available for your religious needs at any time. Whether it is a dhaana at your house, transferring merit to relatives, or celebrating your birthday, TBMC fulfills your requests following the Theravada norms.

The temple is run solely on kind donations of the devotees. Our primary mission is to guide all in the path of Dhamma. Our vision is to bring the Sri Lankan community together while transcending religious and cultural boundaries.


11209 Brownfield Dr


TX 76028

Phone: (682) 316-3001