Dear friends

Thank you for attending the Sri Lankan Musical Evening. With all your support, we are happy to announce that we raised $7580.60 for the Temple Building Development Project from the Musical Show.  

This is the summary of income statement
Ticket Sale Income             7468.80
Sponsorship                        2750.00
Event Expenses                  (2638.20) 
Donated to the Temple       7580.60

Details account statement is on the temple notice board. 

We understand that you have many obligations, and we truly appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to join this event. We also would like to thank our sponsors, other donors, those who contributed food items, our friends who helped to sell tickets and all other well-wishers. 

We are tremendously humbled by your support. Together, we did it.

Musical show organizing committee

You made it happen! THANK YOU

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